Here are a couple "before and after" photos:

Condition Customer Brought to Us                          Our Completed Work


At Kings' Furniture Revival we use a flow-over system for stripping, which is the same as hand stripping with a little help.  We use an Alcohol-based stripper.  Once the piece is stripped, we sand by hand, stain with color,  finish with lacquer, and buff down.   We can also just strip a piece and you do the rest.  If you have pieces that have already been stripped by yourself, or unfinished pieces (i.e. from Good Wood, etc.), then we can do the finishing. 

Stripping Painted Furniture:
If piece(s) are painted, we may not do it.  If we do, it will typically cost 2-5 times more than non-painted and maybe even more.  There are not dip-tank strippers available in this area, so paint stripper is by hand usually, time consuming, and expensive.  We also ask 30-50% deposit up front depending upon number of pieces, layers of paint, and offer no guarantees as to how much paint will be removed.

 Wood Dying and Faux Finishes are also available.  Contact us to discuss.  You may also stop in our shop and see some of our work in the showroom.

Everything is repairable, but not necessarily worth repairing.  Some damaged pieces can be repaired but structurally will not be sound, may be good for looks, but not normal use.  I can normally give people a cost of repairing something, the best, which is also the most expensive way to repair it, and an alternative which may be less expensive way, but not really the proper way and may not be something that has good structural soundness to it.  Since we don't know how the piece is going to be used and or abused, there is no way to guarantee any repair.  But I can typically tell someone that if this piece is repaired, whether it has any life expectancy to it or not.   But there is still no guarantee.  The furniture did not come with a guarantee when it was purchased, whether it was yesterday, twenty years ago, or 100 years ago, then I can not guarantee it anymore than the manufacturer did.  But I do guarantee I can give you my best opinion of how something should be fixed, how much it would cost, and how much it could last under normal use.